Devi Doll shows off her beautiful face before and after C’Michelle’s makeup work at the IH Fashion Show!

IH Fashion Show – C’Michelle was on fire and Devi Doll’s beautiful face was the target for her stunning makeup work.  The makeup artist was representing Keturah Jazmynes’ clothing brand Eccentric Chic Designs alongside independent Connecticut model Devi Doll. Carla Michelle shared the photo on Instagram and I loved it so much I just had to write about it. She really highlighted the beautiful features on Devi’s face so well. Her creative touch did not sway away from something that would make me think far different of Devi’s style. I always kind of imagined her with looks like this. This gives me some sort of awesome Twilight feel that’s made only for the red carpets. This was done so well.


Carla Michelle shared the photo on her Instagram late Monday/early Tuesday with a caption that reads:

Hollywood beauty with the platinum blond hair😍😍😍 all fancy @internethollywood fashion show! @devi.dollI loved your energy and thank you for letting C’Michelle MUA get you fashion show ready!@eccentric.chic.designs thank you for your talented fashion designs @averysjourneythank you so much for being my makeup assistant for the evening!!


This event marks Carla’s first Internet Hollywood party appearance and Devi Doll’s second. That is a pretty big deal to us because the Internet Hollywood party is just around the corner. Congratulations to these beautiful ladies and Keturah for putting on an amazing show with fabulous looks!


~*~*Links & Credits*~*~

Devi Doll (Lestata): Play Now – Facebook – YouTube

~*~*Makeup Artists**~

Carla M A Earlington (Eccentric Chic Designs): Instagram


~*~*Fashion Designers*~*~

Eccentric Chic Designs: Instagram 


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