Diamond Princesz Explains To Internet Hollywood Why She’s Brutally Honest On Facebook

jasmine cPrince Vega  – Connecticut’s own Diamond Princesz is now officially stamping her name to two front page stories in Internet Hollywood which indicates a good sign for the upcoming model who’s now on a roll on our digital universe. The importance of making front page news in our site sits in the core of what makes models rank in the Top 10 Models chart in Internet Hollywood. The model last made headlines in our growing universe in the middle of May after opening up about the tensions between Connecticut models.


Now the Diamond Princesz is back to answer some of our must have questions and she gave it straight to us exactly like she publishes them without holding anything back.


Q: Diamond Princesz it is always interesting sharing conversations with upcoming models who engage deeply into projects to expand their bases. One thing I notice about you is your extreme activeness in photo shoots and your willingness to work regardless of the ending results to each shoots. My question is; what is it that drive you to want to get into so many shoots? How important do you feel it is that upcoming models do the same?


“Work Hard Play Hard” Is My Motto,” she said. “The more consistent you are with anything in life the further you will get. I have been in the modeling industry for 10 years now and I feel like it has been long enough. I want to expand my career as far as it can get. Beauty last only for so long, talent is forever. Yes I model, but I also do makeup. I would like to get into acting. When it comes to modeling it’s best for all models to be consistent keep it fresh and new. Always update your portfolio show the industry what you are capable of.”

Q: Why do you think most girls trying to model in Connecticut don’t seem to focus too much on portfolios when it is one of the most important things when it comes to dealing with experienced strangers with very little knowledge of the work you done?


“Honestly, I feel they are stuck on just being known and being out there when in the actual industry it is more then who knows you or who you know. Being in the real modeling world it is about who you’ve worked with and what you have to show for. What makes you such a wonderful model? What makes you stand out from the rest? There is many competition, trust me when I say there is. What most models fail to realize is what can you show that will catch ones eye.”

jasmine c 2Q: What do you feel makes you different and distance you from other models coming up in your home state?


“I’m very consistent very hard working I do as much as possible and I stay on top with work also opportunities.”

Q: One thing you are known for is being brutally honest in your statuses. You have to have some of the most direct statuses I have seen coming from an upcoming model. Why are you so brutally honest in your status? Do you not care what people may think?


“Well as we all know I am a lesbian and a proud one. I do not respect a dishonest or fake person. What really does lying get you in life? I am very blunt and real when it comes to life. That is the way you have to live. Honesty is the key and really I have no reason to lie about anything or who I am.”

Q: What kind of movie can you see yourself acting in? If you could choose a movie that’s out right now that you would pay in what movie would it be and what character?


“I love all Types of movies. I would play in any but I really want to play a role as a sexy cop or something. lol. As for movies out right now, I honestly don’t know.”

jasmine c 3Q: If you can take back some wasted time of your life at one moment would you take it back?


“Yes I would. there has been a lot of time wasted with work relationships, laziness, etc, but I will never live with regrets everything happens for a reason.”

Q:  I also notice you have been very supportive to a lot of artists and upcoming acts that are actually doing things to increase their presence. What do you feel comes out of showing others support?


“I’ve always been a helpful person that’s just how I am. Due unto others what you want done to you.”

Diamond Princesz has a strong active presence on her social media pages that we are hoping expands to a fan page sometime soon. She has been very supportive to the Internet Hollywood brand and we greatly appreciate that. She has been engaging in dozens of photo shoots throughout the entire season. We look forward to keeping track of all of her latest work and bringing it to our headlines in the future! These gorgeous photos of Diamond Princesz was took by Images In Photography.


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