Diamond Princesz Speaks On Feuding CT Models: “We Should All Support Each Other”

diamondPrince Vega –  Connecticut’s own Diamond Princesz is stepping into our digital media realm to discuss headlining topics leading stories inside of Connecticut. Recently dozens of upcoming models shared their views on the publicly known controversy that surrounds a great majority of females trying to establish some sort of connection or base to help contribute to their careers. Many shared similar views in terms of fear due to jealousy because they feel they’re competing with each other. Although that may be true, Diamond Princesz also has a set of views she wish to share as-well.


“The only reason I feel Connecticut models aren’t getting along is because just like any other Connecticut artist, singer, model is competition. Who’s better, who will be bigger, who will get that spot, which is wrong. Everyone’s just trying to make it trying to be the best they can be. When in all reality I feel we should all support each other. Some people have talent in this industry and some don’t …but I don’t see anything at all wrong with trying.”

When asked if she ever been dragged into drama  with other Connecticut models she denied and claimed she may have “silent hate” but not face to face.

“No I have not been dragged into it. I know I may have silent hate when it comes to other Connecticut models but never face to face drama”

Interviewer to Princesz: How do you manage to brush negativity under the rug when things move on the brink of being out of control? I’ve noticed in quite a few statuses in the past you seemed a bit annoyed about certain things. Have you ever felt discouraged to the point you almost gave up because of what’s been happening in your life or online?

diamond 2

“Honestly, I don’t let negativity get to me. No matter what you do in life good or bad people are going to talk. You just have to ignore it and move forward. It only motivates me to do better.”

She continued about her status:

“My statuses are always things that I feel or words of wisdom but no, I have never gotten discouraged to the point I wanted to give up. I will never give up. Once I start something it will be finished.”

Diamond Princesz isn’t a familiar face to Internet Hollywood readers, models, or celebrities. This article marks an historic moment as a debut published in our digital universe for the very first time. Princesz is publicly known in the Connecticut scene and has shown a great deal of support to others through her social media pages.


She alone has managed to get involved with multiple shoots with dozens of photographers in the state of Connecticut and she continues to execute them very well. Her active involvement in social media will be one of the biggest contributions to her career in the long run. She continues to update countless statuses, selfies and pictures from photo shoots she continues to nail in such a spectacular fashion. These absolutely gorgeous photos of Diamond Princesz was took by Mikkajoe Photography.


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