Did You Know Independent MA Model Alice’n Blunnderland was into herbal studies? Here’s what she said in our interview!

Access Highlights– Independent model gave us the story behind her studies and herbs and revealed some pretty cool things to us in our last interview together. Here’s what she said!




Internet Hollywood: When did you started getting involved with herbal studies and what does a master herbalist mean?


Alice’n: I have always hugged trees and worshiped dirt, I mean herbalism. It was something that was taught to me at a young age by my grandfather and mother. My grandfather lives in east bum f**** Maine and lives off the land a lot. He made sure I learned to identify plants, what can be used for. It just fascinated me and I was able to expand and learn more on my own. I like the idea of Eastern (herbal) or Native medicine and Western (pharmaceutical) medicine working together or one over the other. Without herbal medicine we would not have the basis for medicine now. I really could ramble on for hours about this. But I will not bore you with it.


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