Disappointed Model Diamond Princesz Endorses Hillary Clinton: “I’m Disappointed In Both Candidates”

diamond-princesz-2Prince Vega – Diamond Princesz isn’t too happy with the two “media directed” choices for president and she didn’t mind sharing that with our reporters. Dozens of Internet Hollywood celebrities publicly came out and spoke strongly about this year’s election, adding that they too were disappointed in the elections.


Although Princesz isn’t a represented model by Internet Hollywood, she shares the same frustration as they do on the matter. During our short discussion, she called Bill Clinton a “great president”, and was confident that the former president would give Hillary Clinton much needed advice.


“I am extremely disappointed with both Candidates And truly wish Obama could serve an extra term. Obviously, it isn’t possible so I will be voting for Hillary. Her husband Bill was a great president, I’m sure he will help her as needed and give her needed advice.”

Princesz is a very talented female who has expressed her beauty in the art of modeling. That very field has helped the model earn three published front page stories in Internet Hollywood.


You could expect to hear more about Diamond Princesz in Internet Hollywood in the future. Our reporters have grown attached to her willingness to speak on topics many would consider controversial.

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