DJ Kila Trax discuss Sinewave Saturdays, bringing talent together, throwing parties, his rates, upcoming plans, advice for beginners, and more!

Beyond The Lens – It has been one helluva busy week for Internet Hollywood with all the interviews that have been going down. I have been in contact with many talented people that gladly opened up about their career plans for 2018 and what we could expect from them as we get deeper into the year.


This time I caught up with DJ Kila Trax and asked if we could do our second interview and he happily agreed. Trax has always been a great friend of mine since April of last year. He Dj’d at our very first party in Worcester, Massachusetts. It was awesome checking up with him. Check out the short interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Kila Trax*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Trax!? We are three weeks in the new year and many people have been putting their time to use by taking on their goals head-on. I interviewed many people and learned a lot of the first steps they planned on making to kick the new year off. Have you decided the first steps you’re going to make towards your goal or are you unsure at the moment?


Trax: Whats up I.H., it is a compliment to be asked for a second interview so good looks!! So my goal for the new year was to not get in trouble.. lol.But on a serious note, goals to me have always played an integral part with my music. 2018 is a lil different though with the starts of the website my partner(kid optimus) and I run called Project S!ne. so the goal for 2018 is to get this out and about in the scene and get everyone possible involved.

Internet Hollywood: You definitely did a good job bringing together a lot of talented people with Project Sine. Do you feel last year was a successful year for the project or no?


Trax: I have been around for awhile so getting great talent isn’t too hard but still it is always a challenge. we started Project S!ne in Sept. of last year so 2018 is going to be our first full year. I think the couple of months we had it up it was a success, and with Jan out of the way now it’s only getting better.

Internet Hollywood: What is your main goal for Project Sine this year?


Trax: The main goal with Project S!ne is to expand and try to get anyone who is into edm and art to the site. We have a monthly feature spot for a Dj and A visual artist, so if there is anyone reading this interested in either of those, please get ahold of me or submit your work 


Internet Hollywood: You also do something pretty cool called Sinewave Saturdays. Could you explain what that’s about?


Trax: S!NEWAVE SATURDAYS is obv. based off the website, basically, it is a web show recorded live every sat. in our studio in Worcester. we always have some of New Englands best coming thru the studio. The show was created to share the talents of the Djs we have here in New England. Also every last sat of each month we have our featured Dj and artist on the show doing their thing.


Internet Hollywood: What kind of parties do you do and what rates do you charge for your services?



Trax: I am Available for most any party but mostly clubs/raves and the price i charge always varies due to where the gig is. I try to keep my prices low as to not kill the promoter if the night goes bad.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the dos and don’ts beginners should always pay attention to when considering a career as a DJ?



Trax: this one is tough because most of us learn as we go, there really is no book to go by. I will say if you are new then be aware that the gigs you will get will be low pay to no pay and you also will be on in the early night as an opener. this is normal until your name is established with the promoters your looking into.

Internet Hollywood: What is the biggest lesson you learned in 2017?


Trax: the biggest lesson I have learned in 2017 is to shoot for the stars!! I never thought when i started that I would be where I’m at today, so if you start something and you find yourself struggling, KEEP never know where you will end up!!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Trax!



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