DJ Stardust talks about djing weddings back to back, doing karaoke nights, modeling, meeting DJ Koo Herc, and more!

Interviews / Music Connecticut’s own DJ Stardust has been keeping herself busy this year with all of the booked shows she’s been doing over the past months. Her grind in the music realm of Djing has kept her on a non-stop journey through many venues she appeared at to show off her talented skill as a DJ for a variety of different audiences. She also has been dipping and diving back and fourth into modeling as well. I had the pleasure in catching up with DJ Stardust to talk about all of the latest things she has going on in her career and she didn’t mind cluing me in on everything I needed to ask. I hope you enjoy reading it!


~*~*Interview /w DJ Stardust*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Welcome back DJ Stardust!! You are definitely one of the busiest people I know and I’m a bit nosy when it comes to finding out about what my friends are doing. I always appreciate it when you share. I remember you telling me you DJ’d 5 unique and nontraditional weddings recently. What was the experience like Djing back to back weddings? Is it an emotional experience repeatedly watching it or is it much different from your point of view since you’re a DJ?


DJ Stardust: I feel like DJing back to back weddings is a bonus. I get in my groove and it feels good! Almost all of the weddings I get hired for are completely nontraditional. We piece ach wedding together based on the personal wants and needs of each couple. There are definitely emotional moments when I can’t help but just let the tears fall! Watching people profess their undying love to each other in front of their family and friends is an honor and a privilege to witness over and over again! It can get overwhelming but I learned last year from working too much not to take on such a heavy load. Sometimes I just have to be ok with turning away work. Also, being well rested, organized and prepared for each wedding almost guarantees success.


Internet Hollywood: One thing you are very into is karaoke and you do a lot of events in that type of environment. What is the experience like?


DJ Stardust: Currently I host karaoke 3-4 times a week which can be exhausting! I couldn’t do it though if I didn’t love it. Singing has always been a passion of mine. It brings people together in the same way any other hobby does. I’ve tried to create a nonjudgmental, drama free environment where people can come be themselves and give whatever they have to offer to the evening’s festivities! We become our own little community after a while and I get to meet such talented and creative people Most of the friends I have made over the years came from karaoke nights! They come out and sing when they can. It’s always good to see returning faces time and again. I host shows in Middletown, Cromwell, Bristol & Manchester weekly so I cover a pretty large area. I’ve also hosted karaoke at ConnectiCon for the past 2 years which is always one of my favorite events! This year I’ll be hosting at ConvivialFest, the Con’s after party on July 11 in Hartford! It’s an event you must attend at least once –go in costume for full effect!


Internet Hollywood: You revealed that you recently did a photo shoot with Airen Miller and it was and you stated: ” This is my 3rd or 4th shoot with him over the years. His style of work is so high fashion and eye catching. His wife Patricia has styled me in the past and once we all did a live TV segment on style for the Western Mass news. His personality is so relaxed and he really encourages you so you give your best during the shoot, which can be scary! I’m not a model but somehow, he makes it look like I am each time! Thank you to Airen Miller for rockin my 2019 pics!!!” It seems like modeling has given you a shining light of happiness besides the djing world. What is the feeling you get when you do both and do you feel there is a different level of power when you compare doing the two together?


Dj Stardust: I love the whole process and excitement of doing a photoshoot. There’s professional hair & makeup involved, shopping for the perfect outfit, and of course crafting an image that can be used all year in promos. Airen & Patricia Miller have both helped me find my best self in front of the camera. I swear his pictures launched my business to a new level. When I see the finished product sometimes, I can’t believe it’s me, only better. It’s a great feeling knowing I am investing in myself and my business, hoping others will as well. It’s a powerful feeling to invest in yourself.


Internet Hollywood: When will you be doing your next photo shoot? What kind of photo shoot would you like to do next? Internet Hollywood


DJ Stardust: I don’t have anything solid plans as of now, but I’ve spoken with NH Fashion Week photographer Denis Gagnon about doing a shoot sometime later this year. Not sure what kind of theme just yet! Probably me as a DJ again lol.


Internet Hollywood: You mentioned that you’ll be attending the Atlantic City DJ Expo for the second time in the row. You have a pretty dope description on how the event is so satisfying and how it’s like a DJ Heaven. I definitely felt the need to share it. Here’s what you said: “This summer I am looking forward to attending the Atlantic City DJ Expo for the 2nd year in a row. It’s 4 days of being completely immersed in everything DJ related, so basically a little piece of heaven for DJs in New Jersey! It’s mostly attended by men as you can imagine but I put out a call for all the female DJs I know to attend this year!! We will see what happens! Last year I met DJ PonFetti & DJ Jess who were both performing at the expo. That led to a sweet collaboration with Ponfetti in CT last year. She also helped connect me with DJ Mike Cordeiro who writes for Mobile Beat Magazine. The interview was in March 2019 issue! DJ Jess recently featured my mix on her Radio Show Speaker Honey! The networking alone was priceless! I got to meet “Big Daddy” Sean McKee who is a legend in the community, DJ Kool of “Let me Clear my Throat” fame, saw DJ Scratch perform. I connected with DJs who are inspiring, helpful, creative and talented!! I attended seminars by some incredible performers, DJs, teachers and of course there is a huge shopping area filled with everything a DJ could dream of! It’s part of why some of us stay broke – we spend our money on our business nonstop!” That’s freaking amazing! DJ Kool Herc is the founder of Hip Hop. What was it like meeting him? Did he perform? I


DJ Stardust: Thanks to my friend Amora, I was hired to DJ with DJ Kool Herc at an event in 2014. He is a legend and it felt surreal to say the least. It was such a personal setting and he is humble and just incredible to watch. He is not to be confused with DJ Kool though, mostly known for his Club Hit Let Me Clear My Throat. I think meeting any legends in your field is both inspiring and exciting!! I can’t wait to see who appears unexpectedly at the expo this time!!


Internet Hollywood: Last but not least, you revealed that your goal for this year is to take the summer off. I feel you on that because I witness the hard work you put in and how active you are in the community when it comes to Djing. When I read your response I really felt where you were coming from and I think we all should find time to relax. We owe it to ourselves. But here’s part of what you said in your awesome response: “One of my goals for this summer is to enjoy time off! I have designated Mondays as no work days but I usually work a little anyway. I’m also trying NOT to book every gig that comes my way. I am steadily booked up with just enough but I don’t want to get overworked and burn out. I’ve recently hired an assistant who is amazing! She’s a professional dancer named Nancy who also goes by the name Oasis. She is so helpful, thoughtful, and on top of things! She’s truly been heaven sent! I try to take her with me everywhere now. She’s also going to be teaching my son Eli to dance this summer so I am excited for him! I want to be able to have more family time and me time – our summers are just so short!!” Before taking the break you wish to take what are some of the things that you wish to get done before you take some time off?


DJ Stardust: I’d like to accumulate some fat stacks so I can take a whole summer off 😊 If I’m lucky I’ll enjoy the week of the expo off and possibly a few other short trips which I will savor! Unless I was on an island somewhere with no cell phone or laptop, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from working. There is just always so much to do and more ideas coming in all the time. I really want to make memories with my family while the sun is shining! I’ll never stop being a workaholic but I want to be able to work hard and play harder!



Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview, Stephanie!!



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