Does Hollie Lehouillier Have What It Takes To Win A Internet Hollywood Award?

hollie new 1Hollie is keeping her hands full on the modeling end and we are doing everything we can to keep track of her. Today we discovered an awesome new photo of the adorable model on her profile picture that we found out was shot by an amazing photographer by the name of Shaina Trimboli. Shaina is a professional model in Massachusetts that specializes in portrait photography. You can check out her incredible work by clicking the link on the bottom of this article. Moving on, Hollie’s sweet personality is one of the biggest reasons we can’t let go of our addiction on this little firefly. It’s astounding how she pulls herself through troubling times and still manages to bounce back right where she left off. She’s quickly earning enough credibility to become one of the most influential new comers inside of Internet Hollywood, hands down. The first time Internet Hollywood readers heard of Hollie was on iHollywood Radio after Prince Vega announced the model was tuned into the radio show. The model first boxed her way into our universe 11 days before Prince Vega’s birthday on November 21st. Previous articles before predicted that Hollie would be a top headlining model in future months and now people are starting to see it. Hollie deserves more notoriety for all the work she puts into establishing herself as an alternative model. The only living being that could challenge Hollie in anyway is herself–and it doesn’t get any bigger than that. If Hollie continues to take on the momentum that’s building her buzz over the web she will quickly become one of the biggest Internet Hollywood superstars within months. Does that sound good enough to win an award? I think so! Keep doing your thing girl!!!

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