Dozens of models tells Internet Hollywood their excited to see model Isabel Vinson at the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party in Manchester, CT on August 19th

Interviews – So before I start posting some of the responses I been getting from a lot of people that are attending the Internet Hollywood Party I would like to share something. Isabel Vinson is a very familiar name to a lot of news in new england and interviews I’m doing are proving that. I interviewed a few people sometime last month and a a handful of them said they was excited to see Isabel Vinson.


I will be revealing a lot of the responses sometime this week from attendees who are super excited to share the night with dozens of people they know of that they wish to, or have already worked with. The networking event provides a platform for all talent to connect and build their portfolios, brands, fan base and more. So I’m honestly grateful that I get to be the person to witness Isabel Vinson’s glow for the second time!


There is no surprise why Isabel Vinson is huge influence to a lot of models coming up in the northeast. She has helped many of them establish their first fan base and has jumped to their defense on many occasions. She has educated many of people on the basics of getting started and has organized many events and group shoots where she invited dozens of models to attend. It is also known that she is one of my influences.


Vinson is the first model to receive a publication in Internet Hollywood. This is also part of the reason she is the leader in front page stories. She is currently the only model in Internet Hollywood with over 50 stories! I look forward to hanging out with this magnificent model at the party. She is also one of the people that helped me get this party in the right direction.


There is no telling if the model will be taking part of the photo shoots that will be happening at the event. The model has took a more settle approach and has been rather quiet about it. We will just have to wait and see!


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Isabel Vinson: Facebook – Instagram

Photographer: Lauren Farrington Photography – Facebook – Instagram


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