Drake & Future Disses Meek Mill Multiple Times On New Mixtape, ‘What A Time To Be Alive’

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Prince Vega – Drake  and Future is unloosing a huge amount of rounds on Meek Mill on his new Mixtape, ‘What A Time To Be Alive’ with Future. Thanks to VH1.comwe were able to find some of the bars aimed directly at Meek Mill. Here’s what he said:

On “Digital Dash”

“I might take Quentin [Miller, Drake’s alleged ghostwriter] to Follies [a strip club in Atlanta].- Drake

On “Big Rings”

“You just a battle rapper [Mill is well-known for his battle rap background], I’m an official trapper/N—-s be droppin’ subliminals, they’re just some jibber jabber.”- Future

On “I’m The Plug”

“If you come here trying to take some there’s a lot more where that came from. Who really think they can get in the way/Nah, nah, n—-s is bitter, they hurting”- Drake

On “Change Locations”

“Fuck all the opps and the shots that they send/I let off first [’Charged Up’] then I let off again [’Back To Back’].”- Drake

On “30 for 30 Freestyle”

“The pen is working if you n—-s need some ghost lines/I thought you wanted yours like I want mine. “I guess you just making moves on your own time/But just know it’ll be January in no time/And your absence is very concerning/It’s like you went on vacation with no plan of returning.”- Drake

It’s not surprise that both artists are choosing to unload the cannons on Meek Mill at a time like this. The marketing idea that comes with shock value is the golden formula major labels fiend for to make the most money.  Hip Hop artist & Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega also weighed in on what he thinks about the collaboration project.

“I haven’t heard any of the songs yet,” Prince Vega said. “If it becomes important to the culture I’ll end up hearing it through people I associate with on a daily basis. I’m hearing it’s good so far. I’m not really into mainstream music at all. We’ll have to see what happens in the future.”

What a Time to Be Alive Track List
1. “Digital Dash”
2. “Big Rings”
3. “Live From the Gutter”
4. “Diamonds Dancing”
5. “Scholarships”
6. “Plastic Bag”
7. “I’m the Plug”
8. “Change Locations”
9. “Jumpman”
10. “Jersey”
11. “30 for 30 Freestyle”

The album was released on Apple. It’s hard to find the tracks on video steaming websites, so sadly people will have to go to iTunes to buy it. 🙁

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