Duchess Jealoquinn examines IH Vega’s new song ‘Born Again’: “The flavor is rich and ripe with old school vibe in a new age way”


Feedback – Independent model Duchess Jealoquinn just gave her thoughts on one of Prince Vaughka’s latest singles that was recently released on Youtube. Jealoquinn showed her support by posting in the comment sections under the video after analyzing the song to explain her views on it in great detail.


“It’s not often that a song brings about such emotion or imagery able to transport the listener from the comfort of their home. Vaughka does this so effortlessly though you don’t fully anticipate it. The flavor is rich and ripe with old school vibe in a new age way, which can be difficult to attain. Personally, I look forward to seeing how far down the rabbit hole this unique sound is willing to travel. Bravo Vaughka, and welcome back to your element.”


Duchess Jealoquinn is no stranger to showing support to anything that’s Internet Hollywood related to Internet Hollywood. The model made her first Internet Hollywood party appearance in August of last year and she has been published in Internet Hollywood five times since then.


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