Editor-in-chief of NEXTonSCENE Jackie Zuk discuss her marketing company, helping others out, organizing events, honoring relationships, how much time she invests and more!

Beyond The Lens – The Editor-in-chief of NEXTonSCENE Jackie Zuk just filled us in on some of her plans for her marketing company. I got in touch with her through messenger then asked for a short interview that would consist of around 7-8 questions. After she agreed, I wrote up a couple of questions then sent it her way shortly after I finished. I just recently got her answers back so I thought it would be cool to get this interview out as soon as I could. I hope you enjoy!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Jackie Zuk*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Jackie!? Welcome to the web of the Internet Hollywood universe. I appreciate you taking your time to chat with me. I was glad I had the time to finally reach out to you to set up this small interview. I know this is going to be a pretty educational one for us all. Could you enlighten me and my readers by giving us a little background story on who you are and what you do?


Zuk: I showcase startups to celebrities through social media, events, NEXTonSCENE Magazine® in digital/print and NEXTonSCENE® Podcast.


Internet Hollywood: I could only imagine how much hard work goes into juggling social media, events, magazines and even a podcast. How many hours of the day do you put in NEXTonSCENE and what took place in the very first hours when this idea came to mind in the beginning?


Zuk: I work for sure over 40 hours a week but it is all pure LOVE and JOY and when you love what you do, you never “work” a day in your life!


Internet Hollywood: How hard was it for you to organize your own events and what is the message you try to send to guests on the day of the event?


Zuk: It is really all about the personalization, people don’t want to feel as though they are being invited with the masses, they want to feel important and acknowledged that you genuinely would like them there. It’s all about harboring the relationships and the guests will come.


Internet Hollywood: Clearly you have a very powerful vision that’s going to bring you to great places in life. Does your vision go bigger than what people are seeing from you now?


Zuk: Thanks so much!! YES! A few exciting projects in the works. ❤


Internet Hollywood: What do you look for in the talent you choose to bring on NEXTonSCENE?


Zuk: I look for NEW talent, NEW ideas, NEW ventures, NEW destinations, products and what’s NEXT for people to know about! If you are NEW or are taking a new path to share your latest and greatest adventure, we want to release that!


Internet Hollywood: Are you currently working on anything now?


Zuk: Yes! My fashion show April 5th available on Eventbrite: NEXTonSCENE’s Annual Fashion show with 5 amazing up and coming designers walking the runway! We also have an up and coming rockstar formerly on American Idol opening the show as well, Sam Woolf that will take place in Boston! I am also working on creating a youtube channel to take my podcast/business ventures to video!


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what has been your main focus and ultimate goal you feel you have to fulfill this year and what happens if you don’t succeed? Are there other options?


Zuk: Main focus is no matter what life throws at me, I will come out on top! For every failure leads to long-term success when you learn from them!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Zuk!


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