Éhro shares a beautiful picture of Hannah Kjeldsen at the Internet Hollywood Party, will her next appearance be at the fashion show?

Internet Hollywood Party – Connecticut model Hannah Kjeldsen has high hopes for the future after an explosive walk at the Internet Hollywood party back in August. The independent model took her steps to the floor and walked like the woman in charge that evening and slayed every minute of it.


She crossed the movie theater floors with the support of the crowd that screamed as she walked towards the designer (Kylan Harmony) at the opposite end of the table. From where I was standing fashion designer Prettie Jerez of Kylan Harmony looked as if she was impressed with Kjeldsen, but we are unaware of any of her decisions at this time. We hoping that she reveals them sometime soon.


This beautiful picture of Hannah Kjeldsen was taken at our last Internet Hollywood party by Joey Feliciano a.k.a Éhro. The talented photographer shared the photo in a group album on Facebook alongside dozens of other photos he took of other talented people that were in attendance. Since his attendance, many of his photos have been featured on our website. Some of them are currently on our front page.


The Internet Hollywood fashion show has been postponed to early March due to miscommunication between parties involved and other things we can not disclose at this moment.


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