Éhro takes a stunning photo of Models Emma Katherine, Isabel Vinson, Lex Yian, Taylor Elizabeth and Karissa Anne at the Internet Hollywood Party

Internet Hollywood News – The Internet Hollywood party was a powerful networking tool this past weekend for upcoming talent in Connecticut and surrounding states around it. Many talented people we published about in Internet Hollywood made an appearance at the party and even brought others to enjoy it as well. And what will a good party be without models Emma Katherine, Isabel Vinson, Lex Yian, Taylor Elizabeth, Karissa Anne.


All five models made the best out of their time after a rough start with a douche bag who has been banned from the event for his inappropriate behavior. The beautiful models shook off the minor problems and took on the night like the queens that they are. Thankfully Éhro was there to put his camera to work and capture all of it.


This picture shows the gorgeous models joining side by side while they posed for Éhro in front of the Internet Hollywood backdrop. The independent models owned the moment with smiles that is now front page news on our website.


Another exciting thing about this photo is the three new faces that could also be seen in it. It turns out this is Lex Yian, Emma Katherine and Karissa Anne’s first Internet Hollywood party. I been known of these models plans to make an appearance and I’m glad that they did. I look forward to following their careers  and seeing them at our events in the future. I hope they do come to the Internet Hollywood fashion runway show that scheduled to take place in October!



~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

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 Ehro (photographer): Facebook – Instagram

Lex Yian: Instagram (Model) – Instagram (Makeup)

Karrisa Anne: Instagram Facebook

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