Éhro’s photo of Olivia Swanson is now featured on Internet Hollywood’s front page!

Buzz Alert – While taking a stroll through our front page you may notice there is a picture of Olivia Swanson placed right in the banner section of our website. That’s because Éhro gave us the green light to post whichever photo we like whenever we’d like. So I decided to choose a couple of my favorite photos out of the bunch. Swanson looked incredibly beautiful with her black dress and colorful tattoos. I could I resist? She has been published in Internet Hollywood two times already! Ehro has been featured on Internet Hollywood 11 times. To see the picture on our main page click Home and scroll down.

~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

 Olivia Swanson: Instagram

 Ehro (photographer): Facebook – Instagram

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