Could Emfamous Go Beyond The Back Cover Of Internet Hollywood’s Next Magazine In July?

Internet Hollywood News – New York model Emfamous has assisted in shocking our universe after unexpectedly taking over the back cover of our first magazine of 2017. The 24-year-old model appeared on the back cover of the latest Internet Hollywood magazine on February 14. A previous story that was released last month quoted Prince Vega’s reason on making Emfamous the back cover of Internet Hollywood.


“I think rewarding EmFamous shows a lot about how we view newer models in Internet Hollywood,” Prince Vega said. “Everyone possess some access to greater exposure in Internet Hollywood regardless of how established you are. At the end of the day, what matters is how much you believe in yourself enough to chase after your goals even when its really hard. EmFamous is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. She’s an independent mother that grinds when she can even while going through what she goes through. I felt someone like her deserves it.”


The huge question that comes to mind is: “Could Emfamous do it again?” Internet Hollywood has grown tremendously since the release of Internet Hollywood’s first magazine of the year. Hundreds of models were accepted to become apart of Internet Hollywood when recruitment season started on February 15th. It is the most active month in the entire year.


Still with that overwhelming news Emfamous still has an advantage because of her recent feature. She is one of the most watched models in Internet Hollywood when discussing who our reporters are keeping an eye on. The model has been slowly getting backed involved with shoots even with a insanely busy schedule. Our records indicate that she has been in about 2-3 photo shoots since February 14. if she continues to keep herself active in modeling we will most likely see the model kick down the doors and go beyond where she is now!


You could check out our first magazine of the year by clicking here. The gorgeous image featured in this article was taken by Ethereal Shooter Photography.


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