Emilia Caroline Gets Sexy For Mermaid Photo Shoot, Internet Hollywood Magazine Feature Coming?

emiliaPrince Vega – Gorgeous model Emilia Caroline may soon be celebrating because talks of her being featured in our Internet Hollywood Magazine is occurring. The three time Internet Hollywood headliner recently published a selfie looking scorching with her red hair dangling a day before her mermaid photo shoot. We expect to get the best as the model breathes life into our universe with eye-opening pictures we are certain will make front page news on Internet Hollywood after its release.


Caroline has been pretty silent in modeling as of late, she’s been successfully pursuing another career that she seems very excited about. We are glad she’s continuing to add modeling to her “must do” list because her presence in Internet Hollywood provides a good feeling that can influence models coming up that it is possible to do more than one thing that you love without interruptions.


We only have very little details about the mermaid shoot at this time, but when it is available we will fill you in with more information. Caroline second story published was due to an amazing collaboration with Photographer Lee Paul McConoughey. The story was the first to be published about a photo shoot she was involved in around the the third quarter of last year.


Our readers can can expect to hear Emilia’s name being brought up during Internet Hollywood radio discussions every Tuesday. She has the talent and mind to find the doors that’ll open up to brand new opportunities. It is obvious why rumors are flying that she may also be featured in our next Internet Hollywood Magazine issue. We look forward to keeping you all updated on the latest updates on the magazine and her photo shoots..

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