Rapper Banga Bandanaz tears through his new song ‘End Of The Day’, single close to reaching 3 thousand views!

Mayhem MusikK (Musicians) – Independent Hip Hop artist Banga Bandanaz is continuing to fuel the buzz that has kept many talking about for almost months. The Connecticut rapper released a new song titled ‘End Of The Day’ a couple of days ago and the steams on Facebook is close to crossing 3 thousand views. The video itself has over 100 likes, 36 comments, and 117 shares. This level of engagement shows Banga has garnered a support system that freely expresses their support for Banga’s music. (Link on Facebook)


I first found out about the song earlier in the week after receiving a notification of the single in a post I was tagged in. After getting around to listening to it I made sure when I find the time I would do a write up about it and share it for everyone that’s reading this now to check it out. He definitely went in on this.


What inspires me to write about the artist from the state of Connecticut is knowing they all deserve better with the kind of abilities they possess when they’re coming face to face with a microphone. Its obvious musicians from the state of Connecticut have been gravitating to using the resources available to them to market themselves because in reality there aren’t many people helping them. Seeing all of them try their best to do it themselves or with the team they have inspires me to write about them because I know the experience of coming from where we all come from would make us want to quit more than we want to try. So I have a great respect to those that don’t give up. Here’s part of the hook from Banga’s new song:


I got a cold heart at the end of the day

I’m swimming with the sharks at the end of the day

Can’t finish don’t start at the end of the day

I’ll tear you to parts at the end of the day

be rolling with them nines at the end of the day

In the north, I’m doing crimes at the end of the day

I don’t know what’s on your mind at the end of the day

I’ll blow em out his mind I’ll send him way.


Check out the rest of the song on Youtube below!

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