Eric Wallis puts his camera to work in new photo shoot with Rhode Island model Kayla Kohla

Photo Shoots – Eric Wallis has been keeping me busy with stories with his highly active involvement in shooting models in the new England area. He was the topic worth discussing over the weekend after taking over our front page with a flawless photo shoot with Hayley Cartwright in Vermont. To show support we got in touch with people to get their thoughts on the shoot. All their responses could be found on the feedback column of our website.


But this time Wallis isn’t making front page news for his photo shoot with Hayley Cartwright. We just found out he recently collaborated with Rhode Island model Kayla Kohla. The model recently sent me photos from the shoot over the weekend and told me some were done for magazine submissions. Therefore I will only be sharing some of them in this story. If others become available you’ll find them on either one of their fan pages. You can follow them by clicking the highlighted links below.


Another thing I would like to share is how beautiful Kayla Kohla looked in Heathen Designs. Seeing Kohla take on different styles of clothing while she worked her poses made Wallis angles even more better in his shots. Luckily he is a photographer that actually cares about the kind of work he puts out to the public. I’m definitely a fan of his work.


I’ll be sure to keep you informed as more news come with Kayla Kohla and Eric Wallis. I made it a priority of mine to keep everyone updated on news about all rising talent on the Internet. These two are definitely some of them! Great job on this incredible shoot!


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Eric Wallis Photography: Facebook – Instagram

Kayla Kohla: InstagramWebsite

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