Erika Lynn teases her Instagram followers with dozens of jaw dropping selfies

Social Media & Video – Erika Lynn is very good at the public’s attention and so far it has only been increasing this past couple of months. When I met the model she only had a few hundred followers and now she has over thirteen thousand. Although her marketing strategy is controversial, she continues to do it the way she pleases and has been gaining more and more followers by the day.


She recently updated her Instagram with a brand new photo that shows her in a crochet crop top and Victoria Secret boy shorts. The photos before that were also very revealing as well. She also added videos that were way too revealing that we couldn’t share it on Internet Hollywood. We will leave that for those that follows her page by clicking the links below.


Lynn has managed to establish a base by using Instagram for eye candy-like purposes to draw the attention she wants to build a solid base for her career. She post countless pictures and videos of herself showing off different kinds of kinky outfits and lip syncing songs from her favorite artist as she strutted her beautiful body. Since we don’t publish anything that’s too revealing on Internet Hollywood we attached her fan page below just in case you want to check it out.


Although Erika Lynn wants to go into the modeling industry, she has been very silent with photo shoots over the last couple of months. The last time she was published on Internet Hollywood because of a photo shoot was back in March after she did a photo shoot with David West of Born Imagery. We will have to see what happens in the near future.


She has been published in Internet Hollywood seven times since her first publication in March 2017.


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