Esthetician & Makeup Artist Neysa Pierre-Francois discuss training to be an aesthetician, doing makeup, her favorite products to use, her upcoming fashion show and more!

Beyond The Lens – Massachusetts makeup artist Neysa Pierre-Francois (Neysa’s faces) is filling us in on some of her latest goals, main goals, upcoming projects, and more in an interview we started last week. Francois was highly interested in being interviewed after I got in touch with her and asked before I sent a couple of questions over messenger for her to answer. I don’t really know Pierre-Francois that much so I thought it would be cool to chop things up with her for the first time. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w  Neysa Pierre-Francois*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Neysa! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. This has definitely been a busy year for me and I’m happy to take the time out of mine to learn about someone else that also works hard for something they truly believe in. Now one of the pretty cool things about you is you are an aesthetician and makeup artist. What inspired you to want to learn about makeup and do special training to be an aesthetician?


Neysa: Thanks for having me! Honestly bringing it back to 2011, I started learning about makeup as a pastime. I was a young mom in college, working part-time, and I didn’t have much time for myself. Late night, I would watch video after video of tutorials, product reviews, and read articles about new various brand collections. I wanted to learn more as I experimented and saw how creative people could be with makeup. It gave me an outlet to make myself look and feel great with while having fun. I started accumulating various makeup products and tools. And after a few years, I started to focus on learning how to conduct myself professionally. I did makeup for some of the fashion shows at my school and other people.I loved makeup, but I also loved the aspect of caring for the skin underneath it. I wanted to go to esthetics school because I felt it would make me a more well rounded and informative artist. A month after completing my bachelors I started.In the end, I had a newfound love for the industry beyond makeup. There is much more to esthetics than most know. I definitely enjoyed my time working in a spa doing skin and body treatments while doing freelance makeup.


Internet Hollywood: What has become some of your favorite products to use now that you’re educated on doing makeup and what products do you recommend people don’t use?


Neysa: There’s an overwhelming amount of products on the market, it’s hard to choose! I would say Motives Cosmetics has some amazing products I love such as the fiber lush mascara, luxe liner pen, and velvet, metallic, and all day matte lipsticks to name some! They deliver in quality, pigmentation, and lasting power, it’s a win/win . As far as products I don’t recommend, I would say St. Ives facial scrub is a big one, even if it’s not makeup! It’s unnecessarily abrasive on the skin, which will do more harm than good. Another product would be the Sephora gel lip liners. If you want to get some staying power and extra definition, it falls short because it’s too soft and creamy in texture.


Internet Hollywood: I thought it would be best if I paired these two questions together. What kind of service do you offer clients and what types of functions are you open to attending to fulfill your services?


Neysa: Right now, I mainly offer on location makeup services for special occasions, bridal, fashion shows, photoshoots, and things along those lines. I recently had my first makeup class in February, which went great. My next one will be on the way soon! I’m planning to start offering lash services and facials again soon, with other possibilities as well. It’s in the works, so fingers crossed!


Internet Hollywood: Are you working on other things besides makeup that you would like everyone to know about?


Neysa: Mostly everything I’m focusing on right now is beauty related, lol. I’m just trying to make things happen, so undivided attention is needed.


Internet Hollywood: Where would you like to see yourself in your career later on this year and what happens if you’re not able to fulfill the goal you wish to conquer this year? Do you have other options as well?


Neysa:  Later on this year, I want to work toward a diverse body of work for my portfolio, get some more advanced bookings on my calendar for bridal, special occasion, and any other great opportunities that come my way. And of course be well on my way, offering more services to clients after some more training. Complete failure is not an option, so as long as I’m making some headway, I’ll be happy! I’m going to continue pushing to set myself and my services apart.


Internet Hollywood: I was checking your profile picture and I see that you have an event coming up later this month. Care to share what the event is all about and how you got involved?


Neysa: Yes, I’m a part of a team of other professionals providing makeup, some others doing hair, designing, and more for this big production and fashion show called Blood & Fashion Extravaganza at the Strand Theatre on March 31st. Based on Dracula Untamed whose on the search for a serum to bring his beloved, Mina back to life. The story will take you from 2089 Africa and end with the reconnection of the two in another era and universe. Unforgettable is what it will be, to say the least lol. I connected with Tania Anderson, she’s an extremely talented designer and the main person behind this production, along with many others contributing. I did makeup for a couple promotional shoots she was going for her designs and the rest is history. If anyone is interested in attending, definitely contact me directly, I still have tickets available! Another reason to attend is the delicious food served to all!


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what is the message that you are trying to send to everyone through your creativity and hard work and do you feel they’re getting the message yet?


Neysa: The message I’m trying to send is there’s natural beauty in everyone. When it comes to private clients, I love to be a part of the reason they feel more confident in themselves! Not simply due to the makeup, but because it allows them to feel better about how they look at themselves and their natural beauty. Creativity is fun, yet scary for a person in the beauty industry since everyone can have a different point of view. Enjoying what I do is amazing because not everyone has that luxury! It has its challenges, but what’s life without them? They make us better when taken constructively. From what I’m hearing, it seems like some people are starting to get what I’m about, I’ll continue to grow that awareness!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Neysa! 


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