Ethics Beauty Supply to supply models with sunglasses, shoes, wigs, costume and jewelry for photo shoots at the Internet Hollywood Party on August 19th

Coming Up – One awesome beauty supply store owner will be in the building providing much needed supplies to models who want to spice things up in their photo shoots at the Internet Hollywood party. Ethic Beauty Supply owner Cren Lee was kind enough to offer his help earlier this month and I definitely decided to take it.


Lee is a familiar name to dozens of talent we have written about in the past. He has endless amount of cool products that could be found in many model pictures including some of the most published models in Internet Hollywood today. His products has found its way into my moms life and she happens to be fan of it. I definitely will be buying from him in the future.


Ethics Beauty Supply will have their own table that will be seated by makeup artist who will be there to provide some of their amazing assistance to models that  want it. Lee is also a photographer that will be shooting on the night of the party.


The event will include a casting call for our fashion runway show in October, interviews /w Internet Hollywood reporters, a music video audition, a dj, live performances and more. VIP to this event is sold out.


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