Evie C. Louise is ready for the IH Party: “I feel great and I can’t wait to walk for such a great designer”

(IH Live Access) – Independent model Evie C. Louise is feeling the adrenaline now that her time will soon come to show the Internet Hollywood universe what she is made of when she makes her first Internet Hollywood party appearance to walk in our very first fashion show. I caught up with the incredibly talented upcoming model to discuss her thoughts on the upcoming special occasion and got the inside scoop on how she is feeling about her upcoming walk, the music she would like the DJ to play, people she would like to see at the event and more. Enjoy the interview!


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Internet Hollywood: We are getting closer and closer to Internet Hollywood’s first fashion show and the talk has only been growing among people in the New England area. I have been breaking news about people attending the event all month and those announcements aren’t going to be stopping anytime soon. You were recently added to the lineup of models that will be walking for Noemi Torres of OM;S WRLD. How do you feel about being chosen to walk in the show and are you nervous about attending?


Evie: I feel great and I can’t wait to walk for such a great designer. And for nerves, there’s something there but adrenaline is more like it.


Internet Hollywood: You’re definitely a talented model who I feel is a great add-on to the fashion show. One of the reasons is because you’re a familiar name to a lot of people that have been published on Internet Hollywood in the past. judging by the previous post you have seen, Is there any people attending the event that you know that you can’t wait to hang out with or your pretty much the new kid on the block?


Evie: There are a couple of ladies I’m excited to see walk just because it’s been so long since seeing them.


Internet Hollywood: One of the biggest talks is the type of music everyone would like to hear the DJ play when he’s doing his set. What type of music genre would you like to hear and is there any song that you would like to hear the DJ play personally?


Evie: I think today’s hits it’s a good fit depending. “Me too” is my song, my absolute jam.


Internet Hollywood: You were actually one of the models that offered to be apart of the fashion show. What made you interested in being apart of this historic moment for Internet Hollywood?


Evie: I wanted to finally meet you, the models I’ve seen on Instagram/Facebook that I’ve never met.


Internet Hollywood: As the promotion goes on more people will hear about Evie C. Louise, but after you make you make your appearance and slay your walk in the fashion show what message do you want everyone to remember about you when the night is over and another day is present?


Evie: That I’m a hard worker. I put my foot out to stand out and if there’s a challenge I’ll try, keep pushing, and succeed. When you put the work in, you’ll get great things, I promise.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview, Evie. I really am looking forward to meeting you as well!


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