Evie C. Louise reveals her Halloween costume, talks about her favorite horror movies, “IT” frightening her, haunted experiences and more!

Topic of the Week (Halloween) – Independent Connecticut model Evie C. Louise has some plans for Halloween and she didn’t mind telling me about it in a short interview we did about Halloween this weekend. She revealed the costumes her and her boyfriend will be wearing, if she’s looking to do Halloween shoots, her favorite horror movies, and if she had haunted experiences. Check out the interview!!


~*~*Topic of the Week – Halloween /w Evie C. Louise*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Evie?! Thank you for taking some time out of your day to answer some of the questions I have written for you. Learning about people’s plans on Halloween has really put me on a journey to learn as much as I can about others before the holiday approaches. How has Halloween planning been going for you? Are you planning on dressing up at all?


Evie: Hey! So my boyfriend and I dress up every year, this year we’re wearing two costumes. The first ones are a witch and wizard, the second ones were going to be Mrs. Butterworths and he’s going to be a pancake!


Internet Hollywood: I have been speaking with a couple of models and photographers to find out if they were planning on collaborating with others in a Halloween shoot. Are you trying to do some Halloween shoots as well? And if so, who would you like to dress up as in the photo shoot?


Evie: For Halloween shoots, I have some creepy ones. I won’t give too much away but there’s one that’ll remind you a bit of Jeniffer’s body.


Internet Hollywood: Halloween is usually a day many people choose to engage in immature behavior to feed their egos, including looters, thieves, and paintballers, just to name a few. For that reason, many people have chosen not to take their kids out trick or treating on Halloween. What are other things you feel people could do to get the best experience out of the holiday besides trick or treating and what are some advice you would give them to help them remain safe if they decide to go out trick or treating?


Evie: Well I used to love trick or treating, Hamden (not the hood part) was the best area to go! But since things have gotten crazy we usually have a Halloween party where everyone must be dressed for the holiday, I make treats, specialty drinks, ect. And you can absolutely do Halloween sleepovers for the kiddos, movie marathons, spooky treat making, ect. If anyone does decide to take the kids out, get walkie talkies, Halloween glow necklaces, Halloween flashlights so you can keep an eye on them and be in contact at all times.


Internet Hollywood: This is definitely one of my favorite questions to ask people; what are your favorite Halloween movies and who was the horror movie character that you was horrified of when you were younger and why?


Evie: Hocus Pocus, scary godmother 1&2, Casper and Wendy, ect. For what horrified me growing up that would be “IT”, the original. I grew up watching it. The new one yeah it’s petrifying but the original had me so afraid!


Internet Hollywood: Last question; Have you ever been through a haunted experience in your lifetime?


Evie: For haunted experiences, I’m not sure if you mean if I’ve been through the haunted house mazes or spooky personal experiences so I’ll answer both! Yes my very first one was fright haven it was pretty good back in the day idk how it is now. When I was younger I used to see shadows in my bedroom, there was one night when I was laying on my bottom bunk and I had a green Harry Potter blanket on top of me and all I feel is the blanket slowly being pulled off of me; I jumped up and ran to my moms room.


Internet Hollywood: That works with me. Thank you so much for the holiday interview, Evie!




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Photographer: Destocki Photo

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