Fashion Designer Eccentric Chic to select models at the Internet Hollywood Party in August to walk in her designs in October fashion runway show

Coming Up – One amazing fashion designer will be joining the designers table at Internet Hollywood’s Magazine & Dance Party in Manchester, CT on August 19th. Connecticut Fashion Designer Eccentric Chic has been added to the designers table at our upcoming casting call at Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment. I sent the model an invite to be a part of the event earlier this week and just got confirmation from her this afternoon that she will be attending the event.


Eccentric is a name that has been ringing in the ears of a lot of rising talent in New England. As a mater of fact, people have been vouching for her to be one of the designers at our event. A model messaged me and told me how awesome she felt Eccentric was and talked about how she worked with the designer in the past. That only made me want her to be a part of the show even more.


She is very talented at designing and it shows in all of her content that’s available for the public to see on her social media pages. You could check out all of her work by following her below.


The casting call is an added on feature that was suggested by makeup artist Justine Frazier. Sign up for the casting call will begin at 8:00 p.m. at the Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment in Manchester, CT on August 19th.

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Eccentric Chic Designs: Instagram 

Photographer: Stephen Geyer


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