Fashion Designer Karlene Lindsay talks about childhood films: “My favorite films to watch was Remington Steel”

Topic of the Week – Connecticut Fashion Designer Karlene Lindsay gave us the inside scoop on some of her favorite childhood films to watch. The four questions are apart of our hot topic discussions of the month and many people has given interesting answers to them. Karlene is an awesome fashion designer that I’ve been following for sometime and she works extremely hard at what she does. So please check out her links posted below to all of her work!


~*~*Interview /w Karlene Lindsay*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Growing up as a child, what would you say was your favorite films and television series to watch?


Karlene: My favorite films to watch was Remington Steele. I loved the star Pierce Bronson and all his sexiness. He works well with co-star Laura Holt. Another favorite of mine was Charlie’s Angels. Yes, I am old school.


Internet Hollywood: As kids many of us impersonated characters we seen on the screen with our family and friends. Some play basketball, football, wrestle, baseball, softball, or other. Who were some of the people or what were some of the things you and your pairs would impersonate in your childhood days when ya’ll would have fun?


Karlene: In my childhood times my friends and I loved playing police and thieves. I love being the police to catch the thief and locked them up. We would run around in woods hiding behind trees and shooting our handmade wood guns. Those were fun days.


Internet Hollywood: What were some of the scariest movies you watched and have any ever gave you nightmare?


Karlene: I remember one in particular from my childhood was the scariest ever. It was called The Twilight Zone. It was the scariest ever and sometimes gives me nightmares but still loved watching it and look forward to it week after week.


Internet Hollywood: If you could choose to be a villain or superhero what would you choose and what would your name and powers be?


Karlene: Superwoman. I would have the power to fly and strong. I would love to fly so I can travel to places anytime I want and the strength to lift stuff without the help of a man.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interviews, Karlene!



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