Fashion Designer Keturah is attending a party for Halloween, talks about trick or treating, Michael Myers scaring her, and more!

Topic of the Week (Halloween) – This week has been a pretty busy one with all of the interviews I have done about Halloween. Throughout the week, many people have been opening up about their holiday plans and filled me in on the horror movies they liked, the ones that frightened them, trick or treating, and more. I caught up with Connecticut fashion designer Keturah of Eccentric Chic Designs and asked her a couple of our hot topic questions to get the inside scoop on what she had planned for the holiday as well. Check the short interview out!


~*Interviews /w Keturah*~*~


Internet Hollywood: The countdown to Halloween is upon us and many people have been sharing their holiday plans with me for Internet Hollywood. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to chat with me Keturah. Could you fill me in with what your plans are for Halloween and if you plan on doing any dressing up at all?


Keturah: Hey Justin. Yes, I plan to dress up for Halloween. My friends are throwing a party. I’ll also be doing photography there and special effects makeup!


Internet Hollywood: You’re a very talented designer that is known for bringing your art to life in the realm of fashion. Have you ever expressed yourself artistically during this particular holiday and made costumes yourself?


Keturah: I haven’t made any costumes this season I’ve been super busy but I have some fun makeup looks in mind.


Internet Hollywood: What would you say is your favorite horror movies to watch and what horror movie character terrified you the most while you were growing up?


Keturah: My favorite horror movie I’d have to say is 30 days of night. Micheal Myers scared me growing up only because of he never rn after the victims. He walked but always seemed to catch them and he I did just see the new Halloween.


Internet Hollywood: Have you ever had any “supernatural encounters” or haunted experiences?


Keturah: No I haven’t had any supernatural encounters, fortunately.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; As a mother, I’m sure you know a thing a to about trick or treating. What kind of safety advice do you have for parents bringing their kids out for the very first time to trick or treating? Are there things they should watch out for?


Keturah: Safety advice I have for taking your kids trick or treating is to take them to town sanctioned events or events ran by businesses or churches. Door to door is a lot riskier


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Keturah!


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