Fashion Designer Keturah of Eccentric Chic Designs to throw her fashion show with Internet Hollywood in January 2020!

IH News / Designers – It has been a lot of things going on in the Internet Hollywood universe and all the latest news we could find is being brought to the forefront for everyone to see. This time it is including independent Connecticut fashion designer Keturah of Eccentric Chic Designs. For those that don’t know, Keturah was one of the designers that showed off her collection at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show in July of last year. Now the tables are turned and she is the one leading the charge to her own fashion show and she reached out to me to get involved and I definitely agreed. The process of everything is being developed and as soon as more news come I will be more than happy to share! The event is set to take place in Connecticut in January 2020. The venue location is not known at this time.


This story was first made public on our Instagram @internethollywood



Eccentric Chic Designs: Instagram 


Jophiel Creations: Instagram

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