Fashion Designer Malva Janaby discuss Janaby Clothing, his new collection “Wave”, using medieval time designs, what he looks for in models and more!

Beyond The Lens – Massachusetts fashion designer Malva Janaby is one of the best upcoming designers coming up and everyone that knows him knows it. He has created a name by building is clothing empire that continues to expand and grow all over new england. I could name over one-hundred people I know that knows of Malva Janaby and the amazing work he does. That is one of the main reasons I just needed to have a one-on-one meeting with him in person.


We talked about his new collection “Wave”, the process that comes with picking people to model his designs, his most difficult fabric to create and more. Feel free to check out the entire interview and follow Malva Janaby on his social media pages highlighted below. Enjoy the interview!


Internet Hollywood: Malva Janaby, I have to say, you are one of the most talented designers I ever met. I’m definitely a new fan of your work that looks forward in learning more about your career. How is everything?


Janaby: Everything is going well. Just been busy lately. Working on my new collection “SAIL VII”.


Internet Hollywood: How hard is it to put together a collection that you know know everyone would appreciate? Do you try to imagine what they would wear based on feed back, or do you just let your imaginations run wild?


Photographer: Peter D’Arrigo

Janaby:  Putting together a collection that I know everyone would appreciate takes a lot of time. I like my designs to be different, and somewhat complex compared to other designs they have seen before. So I spend a good amount of time coming up with different ideas to satisfy the different taste of my buyers. I usually just let my imagination run wild. I always have a piece of paper and pencil with me at all times because ideas come to me at random. Any designs that I chose to be part of a collection has to be catchy, fashionable and unique.


Internet Hollywood: What would you say is the hardest collection you ever worked on?


Janaby: The hardest collection I ever worked on was my last collection “Wave.” It was my very first couture collection.


Internet Hollywood: Why was the name “wave” appropriate for your last collection? What was the meaning behind it?


Janaby: The idea for the name “wave” came to me while on the beach on vacation. While staring into the ocean, I saw several sailboats moving with the wave. The sailboats that I saw gave me a reflection of the brand “JANABY” and the wave was what enabled the boat to move. So the connection here is if you have a sailboat in the middle of the ocean, without any wave, that sailboat isn’t going anywhere. Since this was my first couture collection, I needed a name that symbolizes movement.


Internet Hollywood: How important is choosing the right name for a collection? Does that tell a lot about a designer, from a professional standpoint?


Photographer: Levante Anderson

Janaby: I believe that it’s very important to choose the right name for a collection. In some cases, the name is what grabs the attention of a potential buyer. The designs also have to flow with the name of the collection. I think the name a designer chooses for a collection shows what kind of thinker they are weather creative, imaginative, or abstract.


Internet Hollywood: What could people expect from your new collection? I’d imagine there will be a wide variety of different clothing shown?


Janaby: Some of the expectations from my new collection include both modern and medieval time designs. Some of the designs take you back as far as the Middle Ages. Yes, there is a wide range to pick from. Something different for everyone.


Internet Hollywood: What motivated you to dig that far in the past?


Janaby: The thing that motivates me to dig that far in the past is that I am a big fan of movies and shows from the old times. I get intrigued by some of the designs that I see. These looks sometimes inspire me enough to bring back medieval time fashion to the present.


Internet Hollywood: Has their been any worries or doubts while creating this new collection?


Janaby: No, there were no worries or doubts while creating this new collection. Once I get my designs on paper, I’m pretty much all set.


Photographer: Jeff Moy MonsterJazz

Internet Hollywood: How does the process of selecting models to walk in your amazing designs go?


Janaby: The process of selecting models is very simple. There are three things that I look for when choosing a model; looks, attitude, and personality. The energy I get from these models are also important in the selection process.


Internet Hollywood: How long does it normally take you to select a model, and how many models do you normally select?


Janaby: It normally takes me a day. I usually select 15 to 20 models.

Internet Hollywood: What would you say was the hardest thing for you to learn being a fashion designer?

Janaby: The hardest thing for me was learning how to make patterns. It takes a great amount of time and skills to get it right. To me, pattern making is the foundation of creating the perfect designs.
Internet Hollywood: How does a person know when to stop when making designs before it completely destroys the art of their project? Is there just some kind of intuition or something?
Janaby: Well, it depends on the person. I’m not sure how often this happens but my guess would be their intuition would let them know.
Internet Hollywood: Last question; where do you see your brand ending up 1 year from now?

Janaby: In a year from now, I see my brand participating in more fashion shows. Also, the JANABY website will be ready and available for orders. This is the most common question that we get from people wanting to make orders.
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~*~*Links & Credits*~*~
Malva Janaby: Instagram
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