Fashion Designer Noemi Torress of OM;S WRLD discuss selecting models for her designs, her most difficult clothing to create, planning photoshoots and more!

Interviews – Many upcoming talented names have been granting us short interviews so that we could ask a few questions about their career. The reason the interviews consist of five questions is because I’m trying to put out as many stories out on upcoming talent before the end of this weekend. So far I have done 20 interviews today and Noemi is one out of the handful to get picked for one.


Torress is a designer from the state of Massachusetts that I ended up in a conversation with late last month for the very first time. After see her post a link on my status about upcoming talent I messaged her and asked her if I could ask a few questions, she said yes. I hope you enjoy our 5 question interview!


Internet Hollywood: Hey Noemi! It’s awesome to learn that another fashion designer will be finally getting a publication on Internet Hollywood. I definitely find a lot of your clothing to be very useful to those who look for the taste in a particular style of fashion. What made you want to get involved with fashion? 


Torress: As a kid i always loved fashion. You can say genes passed on from my mom she was into fashion as well. As a baby, i didn’t really get to play because my mom always haD me dressed with the best party dresses. I would make collages off magazines play dress up. As i got older i started experimenting more. But my life was falling apart around me and thats when Scissors became my best friend, in a harmful way. But as i grew those habits faded and scissors became my tool my magic and still is. I would take my clothes, cut them up, make them my own way. It also helped me to let my feelings and emotions out and use them as a motivation. My mom and grandparents would say “whats wrong with you? Why do you ruin your clothes.” And i would say because i wanna be different. As a preteen i ran in beauty pageants and would put together my own dresses and performing costumes. In middle school i would offer girls to let me give them make overs. When i would go shopping i would bring my friends and get them wardrobes and more. At 16 i designed my own sweet 16 dresses as well and then when project runway started i became more inspired and obsessed and i knew this is my path. I knew this is what i wanted to do and be a part of. So as i grew i always was ahead in fashion, best dressed, always standing out. And i know it was the world i wanted to be a part of.


Internet Hollywood: How does the process go in selecting people to model in your clothing?


Torress: The most difficult clothing that I’ve had to create was my sweet 16 dresses, because although ive had ideas for designs and still do, I’ve never actually attempted to make them come to life. I was young. At this age i didn’t have family support of any kind but i have neighbors and friends. And those are the ones that encouraged me to believe. So i drew my dresses and gave them to a neighbor that created masterpieces (because i didn’t sew). And she made my drawings come to life. So my only challenge i can say i have in this industry is my sewing skills. Because although i sew by hand i am still learning to use an actual machine.


Internet Hollywood: How does the process go in selecting people to model in your clothing?


Torress: So when i select people and models i like to think outside the box. I like to pick models that don’t fit the “perfect look” category. Why? You might ask. Because reality is no one is perfect including myself. And i like to show the world that and give anyone who believes in them self the chance to be acknowledged.


Internet Hollywood: What is the overall goal for your brand?


Torress: My overall goal for my brand Is for it to rise,shine,expand and recognized. I want my brand to be heard, known and mean something.


Internet Hollywood: Do you have anything planned for the future that you would like everyone to know?


Torress: In the future I’m planning to have a upcoming photo shoot/casting call for committed models all shapes and sizes In September, and a social network event in October. I’m also attending a live Youtube talk show in Somerville, MA for the Somerville Line Aug. 25 @ 830 pm. And of course hopefully having my own boutique by 2018.


I ended my interview with Torress and proceeded to piece together the write words for this story to publish. I learned a great deal of things from her with just five questions. I look forward to writing about her more in the future. This is her first publication in Internet Hollywood!



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