Fashion Designer Prettiie Jerez may soon combine her Rhode Island fashion runway show with Internet Hollywood in August

Rumors & Announcements – Rumor has it model and fashion designer Prettie Jerez has been in talks with Internet Hollywood founder Justin Hamlett (Prince Vega) to possibly combine their fashion shows together to make and even bigger one in Rhode Island. The talks have been going on for about a week and things are beginning to looks like its going beyond words.


The public was informed last week that Prince Vega is working on including a casting call at Internet Hollywood’s next party in Manchester, Connecticut. The casting call gives models the floor to walk for designers who will choose which model will participate in the upcoming fashion show in mid-August. A few of the people helping out on this project  is makeup artist Justine Frazier, Melissa of MCM Photography, PrNilka Detorress, Erica Jean Femino, BeautifulChaos and more.


Prince Vega included Prettie Jerez in the discussion after finding she was planning on throwing a fashion runway show around the time he planned to. To avoid competing with the designer he decided to talk with her on the possibilities of combining the runway shows together in Rhode Island.


Jerez is a very experienced designer who puts in the work to earn the respect that comes with being a hard working designer that also models her own designs. She has a big heart that she shares in her creativity and nobody could strip that talent away from her. Her passion comes with time consuming work that sometimes keep her up overnight. Prince Vega describes her as “pioneer” that strongly Believes in the art of creating the trend instead of following it.


The first time Jerez name appeared in Internet Hollywood was through Internet Hollywood Radio when the model tuned in. Her name then popped up in our social media buzz feeder on Facebook and was displayed through our timelines.


We will keep you updated on the development of the runway show as it happens!

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