Fashion Designer Prettiie Jerez to select models at the Internet Hollywood Party on August 19th to walk in her designs in October fashion runway show

Coming Up – Rhode Island fashion designer Prettiie Jerez will be one of the head designers sitting across the stage at Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment to watch models from all over New England participate in a casting call for her Halloween fashion runway show with Internet Hollywood in October. The model has been a part of the entire planning process behind organizing the event with Makeup artist Justine Frazier and myself.


Jerez will also be having a casting call of her own in Rhode Island sometime soon. We spoke many times about it and she has definitely moved forward in making it a reality. We will definitely let you know as soon as we find out what date she plans on doing it. Jerez will also be coaching models for the fashion runway show as well.


She was added to the event after a long conversation I had with her about our careers. After seeing so much in common with our plans we decided to work together and throw fashion runway events at the same time. Jerez is a hardworking designer that is very passionate about helping others expand their careers by guiding them in the right direction to start off. I’m definitely looking forward to hanging out with her at our party on August 19th.


The event will also  include photo shoots, a casting call, live performances, ia dj, nterviews /w Internet Hollywood reporters and much more. All submitted photos that are selected from this event will be featured in the October issue of Internet Hollywood Magazine.



~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

Prettiiee Jerez: Instagram

Kylan Harmony: Instagram

Photographer: Xavier Delbrey Photography

Mask Made By Jazmytaz: InstagramWebsite

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