Fashion Designer Samantha Gottlich has been selected to make her debut in Internet Hollywood Magazine in July 2019!

IH News (Magazine) – Massachusetts designer Samantha Gottlich will be making her debut in Internet Hollywood’s first magazine of 2019 in July. She was the second designer that was picked earlier this year to be featured in the issue and more will also be added soon. Samantha learned of the news after she received a message from IH Vega over Instagram and accepted the invitation to be featured after she received it. Samantha Gottlich contributed to the exposure of many talented people on after she became one of the designers that showed off her collection at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show. The event was talked about for a long time and the pictures were shared by many for months. It was a historic moment that will be remembered by everyone that attended. Congratulations Samantha Gottlich!



*This story was originally posted at an earlier date but has been modified and updated





Samantha Gottlich: Instagram –  Website – Facebook 

Photographer: Al Cabrera

Styled by Yomo Perez (Styled By Yomo)

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