Female Rapper Krystal La’Reign Responds To Prince Vega Coming To Kanye West Defense

kristal edit 2Connecticut’s own rap artist Krystal La’Reign has remained consistent in her vision that has made her a promising force inside of Internet Hollywood. We are now seeing her cross between two digital forces that has provided a strong outlet for upcoming talented individuals all over the world – Internet Hollywood and PrinceVega.com. Although both outlets target two different crowds, they remains powerful sources for upcoming and breaking news all over the world. Krystal is a gifted artist that’s starting to make noise on a new platform in the digital world for her creativity. She recently debuted in Internet Hollywood for the first time last month after two recorded freestyles from the underground femcee made it into rotation on Internet Hollywood Radio. She is now making front page news one month after the release of her new video ‘Mad Huh’ produced by Blame Boogie for her “Reign SUPREME” the Tape 2015. Little is known about the release of her new project, but the artist was expected to perform with her GSD crew on May 3rd.  One of reporters caught up with the talented Connecticut artist to get her thoughts on Prince Vega claiming corporations were trying to destroy Kanye West for exposing them.  Krystal made it perfectly clear that she respects Kanye west and claim they are a bit similar:

“The media will always protect their own best interest,” she said. “That’s expected. “I respect Kanye as an artist and Individual and we are similar in alot of senses. To keep it short, I share the same birthday as Kim K and Amber Rose. (lol). Lets just say I think me and ‘Ye would do great things together.”

Krystal La’Reign is the only female artist in Connecticut to make it in Internet Hollywood Radio circuits. If she continues to go on the path she is going she will easily become the first female to make the top ten international billboard charts within the next few months. Krystal La’ Reign represents the same state Internet Hollywood Founder Prince Vega is from!

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