Female rapper Niki Ellis discuss her new EP she’s dropping next month, her new project “Faith Over Fear”, how music is changing and more!

Underground Musicians – It’s been one busy weekend for me when writing up all the interviews I did on Saturday with dozens of rising talent from all over New England. One upcoming female rapper from the state of Connecticut by the name of Niki Ellis is also getting in on the interviews and has answered all the questions I have sent her. She was very straight forward with all of her answers and answered every single question we asked.


I asked Niki Ellis for the interview after she posted her fan page on a status I wrote requesting that all talent publish their pages on my page. After receiving storm of responses I immediately got in touch with her to send her a few questions to a little idea about who she is and what she is working on. I hope you enjoy the 5 question interview as much as I do.


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Niki? It’s nice to finally interview a female rapper again. I honestly believe your the first underground female rapper I interviewed this year. When was the first time you decided rapping was something you wanted to do then picked up a pen and took it seriously? 


Ellis: I’m glad I have this opportunity! Thank you so much! I started Rapping when I was 8 years old… I really started taking it seriously when I was a junior in High School. I was performing at my school talent show and the crowd starting singing my hook with me and it was a song that no one had ever heard before. At that moment I had the biggest smile on my face and I told myself I want to feel that good all the time.


Internet Hollywood: The rap game has been seeing a huge increase in the music industry since Nicki Minaj came out. Do you feel rap has evolved for the better or worst?


Ellis:  I feel like these days everyone is a rapper but not everyone is an artist and that’s where the distinction needs to be made. I feel like the game has changed for the worse but I’m confident that the true artists will take back over.


Internet Hollywood: What projects are you working on now that will be coming out in the future?


Ellis:  I am currently working on 2 projects simultaneously. I have an EP set to drop sometime next month called “Every Now and Then” and my project “Faith Over Fear” is set to drop at the end of the year.


Internet Hollywood: Who are somebody you want to work with?


Ellis: I would really love to work with Buda and Grandz as far as production. As far as other artists I would love to work with Remy Ma, Fab, Joyner Lucas and Dave East. There’s plenty more though lol.


Internet Hollywood: What happens at the ending stage of your career when you achieve the success you want?


Ellis: Once I achieve all of my goals, which I don’t think is possible considering I’m constantly setting new goals for myself for more I want to accomplish, I want to leave a legacy for my children. As long as my children are taken care of and they continue on with my work and build their own empires off of what they have learned from me, that’s all I can ask for. That would be my greatest success. Then I can chill on an island somewhere lol.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you!


You could get get all the latest updates on Niki Ellis by following the fan page highlighted. Ellis has video, pictures and music that you could stream on her page. She has a nice buildup in a following and is close to entering the thousands on Facebook. I look forward to writing more about her in the future!


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