FGTBD Blog #1: Rapper UTK Shuts Down BET✪ – And Gives You A Behind-the-Scenes Look


UTK is bringing us behind the scenes of his New York trip with exclusive footage of his music matters performance. The entertaining blog involves his views on life as an artist growing inside of the business from an underground perspective. The hip hop artist didn’t hide the sense of humor that represents him as a person that loves doing music. While boarding the plane he jokingly showed us a side of him that many would grow to love as his following increases.  The video shows more than enough to capture the kind of person UTK is as a person outside of an artist. The similarities of the two represents the combination of reality mixed with the inner passion that establishes the ‘whole’ of creativity that completes the remaining half. The easier way of describing the root grown under the artistic crop of this amazing lyricist is simple, none of it can be separated. UTK is exactly who he shows himself to be in this amazing footage, and no words can separate who he is as a lyricist, from who he is as a person. UTK provides us the reality that grows out of our dreams when we wish to accomplish more while chasing after what we love the most. You can check out the awesome blog in the amazing high quality footage below!

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