Filmmaker Michele Plunkett gives a shout out: “Stephanie Ellen Almeida, Charlie Rose Swan, Miss CT Beauty Pageant and CT Princess Parties, Kris…”

Shout Outs – Filmmaker Michele Plunkett gave us a list of names in her shout out after finishing up her holiday interview with us over the past holiday. Michele was asked if she would like to give a shout out to anyone during the interview we did over messenger and she listed a bunch of awesome people. Here’s what she said:

Stephanie Ellen Almeida – Supermodel International
Charlie Rose Swan – Nation Geographic actress
Miss Ct beauty Pageant and Ct princess Parties
Charles Rosney and Marissa Holt Fright Haven
Kris Keyes
Mike Beaulieu
David Gere- Hollywood Producer
Dennis Carter Jr.- Special fx Make up artist
Michele Nead Director assistant and fiancee


Michele Plunkett has been doing her thing as an independent filmmaker. She invests a lot of time and hard work and what she does and pushed all of her films independently and I tip my hat off to her for that. She made an appearance at Internet Hollywood’s first party of April 2017 in Worcester, Massachusetts at The Raven Club. Since then, she has been published on Internet Hollywood three times.




Michele Plunkett: Website – – Facebook – Instagram

Photographer: Shannon Morrissey

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