Filmmaker Michele Plunkett new movie ‘A Mother Of No Destination’ to be released March 22, 2021

News – Connecticut filmmaker Michele Plunkett is channeling in her science fiction side with a new movie titled ‘A Mother Of No Destination’ that is set to be released nationwide on March 22, 2021. The thrilling tale that was directed by Michele Plunkett grasp the nature of horrifying events, government coverups, doomsday, and life beyond the skies in the realm of space. The fifth film was made in collaboration with Mcgee Productions and the trailer is something worth seeing!


As described in the plot, A Mother Of No Destination is an American Science Fiction thriller directed by Michele Plunkett. It is a film adaptation of present world consequences turned futuristic. The story is based on a government and wealthy elite cover up of a world ending event. Upon planetary demise, All skilled laborer’s turned slave under the rule of the wealthy elite and the president as a head of its corporation to sustain all living functions.


The film is loaded with actors who helped bring this thrilling masterpiece into a reality. Some of those names includes Tony Sciarra, Clark Hurlburt ,Dejan Petrovic, Keri Marie Carlson, Christina Muniz, Tommy Fury, Deirdre O’Neill, Vincent L Curcio Jr., and Zakariya Narowski. The movie was shot in Retro Grub & Pub and Wesport Space Observatory.


While speaking with Michele Plunkett in a conversation she gave me more information related to its release and all of the tickets that could be purchased to see the film once it’s released. Here’s exactly how this paragraph was stated during our conversation:


A Mother of No Destination is the fifth movie for 2021 for private theater viewing in support of Michele Plunkett and Joseph Mcgee prior to release.  Tickets are on sale today online and at theater box offices. For a list of theaters and to purchase tickets and a trailer of the movie, visit Moviegoers who purchase a ticket to see “A Mother of No Destination” at a participating Arena theater can receive an additional ticket free. This limited time offer is only available at participating theater box offices.


Michele also sent me links to the trailer, photos of the film, and behind the scene footage to share with you all in this story. Be sure to check them all out and don’t forget to follow her after your done. She’s very passionate and supportive to all up and coming talent and has always invested her time in bringing new creations to life and given young dreamers the opportunity to try out acting. She definitely deserves your support!





Website (click title): A Mother Of No Destination Website

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