Filmmaker Michele Plunkett shouts out the actors she’s working with: “Michele Nead, Ryan Lohman, Keri Marie Carlson, Amelia, Sciandra Pearce, Tyler…”

Shout Outs – Independent Filmmaker Michele Plunkett texted in a shout out after finishing up our new year interview last week. She received her questions after accepting an invitation to do the interview over messenger. Here’s the long list of people she shouted out:

“I have a whole new clan of international Actors I am working with this year. from east coast to west and parts of Europe
Michele Nead
Ryan Lohman
Keri Marie Carlson
Amelia Sciandra Pearce
Tyler Duffy
Kendall Campbell
Phoebe Lourdes
Dennis Carter Jr.
John Hajnal
Eamonn McGrail
Bruce D Haag
Clark D Hurlburt
Colin J. Costello
Nola Dodd
Christina N Muniz
Eva Young(Sister)
Mark Roth

Awesome people from other productions
Sal DelGreco
Byron Andreas
Roberto Ragone
Sue Kessler
Tommy Fury

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Michele Plunkett: Website – – Facebook – Instagram

Photographer: Shannon Morrissey

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