THE FINAL DAY: ProjectXPlatinum Is Searching For A Cover Model – Enter Now Before It’s Too Late!

Today is the last day for models all over to enter the contest before it officially begins. All models that are interested in being the cover model for ProjectXPlatinum’s first magazine issue should follow the steps below. Model Isabel Vinson was kind enough to delay launching the contest to give models all over the world a chance to enter into the contest before it completely wraps up. The amount of exposure that comes with being a cover photo of ProjectXPlatinum is absolutely tremendous. We have a promotional team that’s powerful enough to reach thousands of people within minutes all over the internet. We encourage all models to give it a try and contact Isabel Vinson if you are interested in being apart of the amazing contest.

Contest Rules

1. One Image Per Model

Image with the most likes wins cover and three page spread inside.

2nd place wins a three page spread.

3rd place gets a 2 page spread. 

4th & 5th place each gets one page.

6th – 10th place get a half page.

The model that wins the cover will need to submit an exclusive set for the magazine in time for the first edition to be released! All models interested in being apart of the contest please submit your photos to our Facebook page below!

Click Here To Join

The starting date is now set to be October 16th!


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