Fire: Gambino The Great, Kidwave and Alisa Velasquez just bodied their new song ‘For You’ (listen now)

Musicians – Singer Alisa Velasquez teamed up with two talented artists by the name of Kidwave and Gambino The Great in a new song titled ‘For You’ that was released on Youtube. I was informed of the song by Alisa about a week before its release and I finally had time to check it out and the song is freaking incredible!


Now you may think I’m being a little bias because I’m known to support everyone but when I mean this song is fire I mean it. As soon as I played the song I was hit with a Caribbean-type club banger with a modernized commercial sound with elements that could be traced years back when music actually mattered to everyone.


Each artist brought their own sounds to the table and blended them so well that the rhythm in the flows never died down in each verse which carries you into each hook perfectly. This is definitely one of the best songs I heard this year and I plan on writing more about each of these artists in the future. You could check out the song below.


Alisa Valesquez is becoming a pretty familiar face to some of our daily readers who have noticed an increase in publications. She has been published on the website five times!

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