First Funk Flex, Now DJ Enuff: ANoyd Destroys The Hot Box In Hot 97 Freestyle With DJ Enuff



Prince Vega – Connecticut’s own ANoyd has been lyrically destroying everything in his sight and more people are beginning to notice. After destroying his freestyle with Funk Master Flex, it was only a matter of time before more opportunities would appear for the taken. ANoyd has wasted no time in putting his bars to work when its time to show the world what he could do.


His very conscious examination of the world through his perception has gave him the ability to dig deeper into sensitive issues and describe it in great detail. He revisits those sensitive issues in The Hot Box freestyle and executes it in the best way possible. After watching you’ll clearly see why he’s been published in Internet Hollywood twice already.


He recently released a powerful music video titled ‘Black Privilege‘ where he targeted controversial topics like white supremacy and black-on-black crime. You can say as you wish, but the truth is ANoyd is a really gifted artist that isn’t afraid to express to the truth and that’s what hip hop is missing. You can check out his two latest freestyles below!

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