Florida model Hayley Cartwright will receive a full-page spread in her Internet Hollywood Magazine feature in July!

Internet Hollywood Magazine (Updated) – Independent Florida model Hayley Cartwright will be receiving a whole page spread in the Internet Hollywood Magazine that is set to be released in late July. The beautiful model was rewarded the full page spread earlier this year, weeks after the announcement was made that Hayley Cartwright was going to be featured in the magazine.


The move is considered long overdue since it’s been over a year since the public seen an Internet Hollywood Magazine release. If it were a lot sooner, Hayley would have most likely been one of the females that would’ve been selected to be in the magazine since her history in the independent realm of modeling is known to us.


As stated in previous stories, Hayley Cartwright’s support for Internet Hollywood went from an online compliment to her actually overseeing things inside of one of the Internet Hollywood parties. She also went on stage and spoke to the crowd that night as well. The event was held at the Raven Club in Worcester, Massachusetts on April 22, 2016.


What’s even more impressive is that she moved from the northeast to attend college and Florida and has recently managed to breathe life back into modeling to get things going for her down there in Florida. She is currently in the process of booking photo shoots. Stories like these shows her passion in trying to make things happen and that’s why she’s being featured in the upcoming issue. It is set to be released sometime in late July .



*This story was originally posted at an earlier date but has been modified and updated




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