Florida Rapper Wayne Gordon Enters Internet Hollywood; Could He Top The Charts?


Wayne is finally debuting in our universe with an explosive new sound for our ears to listen to. The lyrical Florida rapper is bringing a style to chase after the notch above our leading charts that isn’t to far ahead. Wayne is quickly surfacing the Internet Hollywood wave with a new way to ride the flow of energy building as the Mayhem Music charts debut in our growing universe. The battle between rappers is creating a storm that Wayne is finally stepping himself directly into without warning. Wayne’s flow shows he’s more than capable of standing against the winds that brush against him while facing off against other artists. Wayne Gordon is forcing his way in with a unique style to send by each word created while piecing together brand new bars to complete a verse in a song. The musician was submitted with an attached file from a song called “Afraid Of The Dark” featuring upcoming singer Aymber. We could only sit and wonder how far Wayne would last while passing the wilderness of our haunted fortress What lurks beyond the gates of Internet Hollywood is a world of hunger feasting on new ways to bring light to the dark world of the underground music scene. We welcome Wayne Gordon into our headlining universe and we wish him the best of luck as the billboard chart approaches for the month of September!

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