Forget Youtube: Freedom Fighter Launches His Own Video Streaming Website; JOIN TODAY!

liberty vidsA new website has emerged from the shadows and into the light! Freedom fighter Ulysses Burgos has officially launched a new video streaming website that will soon challenge Youtube once its final stages is completed.  The site was made for those that oppose Google+ regulation which makes it unfair for those that wish to keep their information private online but cant. The website is still currently under construction and is now available for freedom fighters that wish to register and post videos before its finished. We ask that everyone that’s tired of Google regulations to sign up and help the revolution in the digital age grow further.

We got knowledge of the new website that is currently drawing in a number of viewers from Ulysses Burgos months ago. Part of the idea was thought up by Prince Vega before teaming up with Ulysses Burgos who’s done all the work in creating the new video streaming website. We asked Ulysses Burgos what the site was about before getting a straight-forward answer that was clear enough for minds to paint a picture with!

Ulysses Burgos:

“ is a new video sharing website that spawned from the need of Liberty minded people of having a video sharing website that would not censor content depending on political bias. The website works pretty much like other video sharing websites, you have your own channel, private messages, favorite lists, playlists, comments, you can create and manage your own groups of friends and even have a logo for the group and you can upload photos as well. Right now the server can’t handle as many uploads as we want it to because we have no funding at all to upgrade it, but if you have short clips you are welcome to use the website.”


Ulysses Burgos is also working on a 3-D animation film series with Prince Vega’s music partner Joey Claris. The cartoon is still under the works and the first episode following the first season will most likely premiere sometime this year! We ask that everyone join the new video streaming website by clicking the highlighted link below.


And awesome pictures of the settings!



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