From Harvard University to Internet Hollywood: Model Priya Is Our Newest Celebrity

priya 1Harvard student Priya is now Internet Hollywood’s newest celebrity! The adorable model has easily gained an enormous amount of respect from our pairs after being recruited to our powerful digital industry yesterday. We was told she’s a very determined model that believes in her dreams enough to pursue it. She’s a very exciting, down to earth, hardworking female that provides us with a warm presence every time she shares a moment in conversations with any of our representatives. With that being said, it wasn’t hard to understand why our second floor committee would vote the model inside of our universe as our newest celebrity. Priya’s amazing talented will be shared to thousands of our readers whenever it’s available for the public to see. The gorgeous model already has dozens of social media photos that shows how dedicated she is when it comes to modeling. It’s becoming pretty difficult to spot the model in anything outside of a special event or photo shoot. It’s clear by staring that Priya may have a bunch of friends that is also exploring the field of modeling. We are certain as Priya work grows she will begin to stand over those competing against her. It isn’t hard to tell that Priya is a strong, smart, and dominant woman that plays her cards well in this tricky game where many girls fail. After all, she made it here didn’t she? Priya’s warm welcoming here is only the beginning to doors that will open as she continues to expand her reach in Internet Hollywood. Rumors are already spreading that Priya will easily work her way through the competition and gain the support she needs to stay on top of her challengers. As a youngster Priya was a beauty for pageants that helped her gain the experience that she uses to execute her modeling so well now. We look forward to seeing what this adorable model has in store for us in the future! The amazing photo of the model was took by an incredible photographer by the name of Joe Harary.

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