G.O.L.D, G’s Up North & Hamp Throwing A Big Pool Party In Manchester, CT On September 3rd

gold imagePrince Vega – Rapper G.O.L.D has teamed up with G’s Up North & Hamp to throw a gigantic pool party for Labor Day Weekend and it is only $20 for a ticket! The Summer Splash Pool Party hosted by G.O.L.D’s Diamond Crush Models will take place during Labor Day Weekend and will be held in Manchester, CT.


The tickets for the event is currently on sale at Celebritees Now on 582 Park St. in Hartford, CT. The party will include drinks and grilled food alongside a prize that will be given to a female who wears the best bikini. The dress code isn’t strict but shorts and bikini is preferred and $25 at the door IF you fail to buy a ticket that’s currently available for just $20. The flier says 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. but the official time has changed to 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sounds like a good deal right? I thought so!


If being in a pool or eating doesn’t suit your needs you can always enjoy the scenery to connect with others and listen as G.O.L.D takes the stage to perform some of his music that has received commercial success throughout the passing year. We strongly recommend that people make their way over to Park St. to buy a ticket or face a charge increase at the door.


This is an event I don’t think anyone would want to miss out on. G’s Up North, GoldMind Ent. & Hamp have successfully thrown packed parties repeatedly throughout the years and seeing them combine their hard work and effort together to come up with one event is a pretty damn big game changer. It’s only right that everyone that can come out and support purchase a ticket and enjoy the great atmosphere and overwhelming energy that comes from these three powerhouses.


G.O.L.D just recently released his independent film ‘Karma’ and the teaser trailer to his new music video ‘I Know U Mad‘ shot by Mike Rawling. G.O.L.D has made front page news in Internet Hollywood 18 times throughout a year-and-a-half period. He is currently the #2 biggest headliner when it comes to rappers from Connecticut with the most front page stories in Internet Hollywood.


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