G.O.L.D Wipes Out The Spring With New “Summer 16” Freestyle, Announces ‘Karma’ The Movie

G.O.L.D 2Prince VegaThe Hidden Treasure 2 is in full motion and G.O.L.D is pumping the gears to compete with his latest accomplish and so far he has successfully out numbered a great deal of rappers with a huge amount of content to take his listeners through the spring while he prepares to rip through his competitors in the hot summer. The latest release comes a week after the release of his new radio single “New Girl” featuring Dayy.


G.O.L.D continues to refuse silence with brand new singles and strategic ways to market his brand on a international scale. He recently announced on his status that he didn’t have the time to do episode 5 of his show “Karma“, but he will turn the entire series into a movie!

“In talks to shoot ‪#‎Karma‬ the movie with A**** E**** and J**** A****#‎DRMC‬. I know everybody has been waiting for episode 5 but I haven’t had time to do it.. So we are gonna just do one whole movie with some of the same characters.. Still in talks about it but its gonna get done .. Look for that ‪#‎KarmaTheMovie‬… Gonna need music from artists for soundtrack.. And we are gonna be doing casting calls and auditions for extra characters..”

G.O.L.D is currently the second biggest male headlining rapper from Connecticut that has made front page news in Internet Hollywood 11 times! He is one of Connecticut’s most vicious lyricist that believes in himself enough to independently grind until he conquerors his dreams.


You can check out the wicked new freestyle G.O.L.D just released by clicking the video below!

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