G.O.L.D’s Newest Single “I Know U Mad” Achieves More Success, Gets Posted On WorldStarHipHop


Prince Vega – G.O.L.D is in grind mode and has been hammering away at his goals and it shows all over his social media pages. He’s been involve in a huge amount of parties, shows, filming projects, commercial singles, a clothing line and more. After the release of his independent film Karma, G.O.L.D partnered up with some hard hitters from the state of Connecticut and through a party in Bristol, CT.


Once again the hip hop artist is back with a crack music video to keep his followers entertained. His new music video for ‘I Know U Mad‘ recently dropped on the web and has already been picked up by hip hop video-streaming website WorldStarHipHop. The increased views gives huge value to the video that was well put together. It also features other known faces in Connecticut’s music scene Thump and Mark Diggity. (Watch Here)


G.O.L.D is no stranger to our underground music news column. He has been published on Internet Hollywood eighteen times in a one-year period. Throughout the entire time he has remained humble and helped others thrive off his growing buzz with projects in and out of music.


Show your amazing support by sharing the music video and subscribing to G.O.L.D’s channel. Don’t be afraid to take a stroll through his awesome music collection as-well. Check out his new music video ‘I Know U Mad’ below!



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