Gabriella Costa is making moves to start her own modeling agency, launches her website for her management company

Models – Independent New Jersey model Gabriella Costa has been keeping herself busy for all of the right reasons and I am happy to be one of the people to applaud this exciting next step she is planning to take with her career. Gabriella has decided to start her own modeling agency and she is already in the process of manifesting that idea to a reality by taking the legal steps to set the next move in stone.


Gabriella’s plan to establish an agency was made public on her social media platforms through many statuses that have been written on her pages that updated everyone on what she was working on. I have received clips from a couple of things she has lined up, including the recruitment of a couple of models that she plans on working with through her new agency. She recently went live at an event she had in Boston, Massachusetts with a couple of the models.


So the name of the agency is called ‘True to Yourself Model Management’ and her goals were pretty clear in writing. According to the status, Gabriella already has her goals set and the website is still being fully developed:


“My goal is to create the opportunity for people of all shapes and sizes to be able to showcase their individual beauty. The Agency is a treasure of a compilation of individuals for which we cater our time and have the pleasure of servicing our individual care. We focus on the development of talent and matching up every project to the right fit.”


I’m certain Gabriella will continue to invest her time, effort and hustle into her new goal and I’m willing to predict it will take her very far. She has already started working on everything and many more things will also be coming soon as well. You could follow Gabriella by clicking the highlighted links next to her name below!





Gabriella Costa: Instagram

True to Yourself Model Management: Website


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